junos_get_facts - Retrieve facts for a device running Junos OS.

Author:Jeremy Schulman, Juniper Networks


New in version 1.0.0.

Retrieve facts for a device running Junos OS, which includes information such as the serial number, product model, and Junos OS version. The module supports using both NETCONF and CONSOLE-based retrieval and returns the information as a JSON dictionary. The information is similar to facts gathered by other IT frameworks.


parameter required default choices comments
console no None
    CONSOLE port, per the netconify utility
    host yes
      Set to {{ inventory_hostname }}
      logfile no None
        Path on the local server where the progress status is logged for debugging purposes. This option is used only with the console option.
        passwd no assumes ssh-key active
          Login password
          port no 830
            TCP port number to use when connecting to the device
            savedir no $CWD
              Path to the local server directory where device fact files will be stored. Resulting file will be savedir/hostname-facts.json
              user no $USER
                Login username


                Requires junos-eznc >= 1.2.2


                Requires junos-netconify >= 1.0.1, when using the console option


                # retrieve facts using NETCONF, assumes ssh-keys
                - junos_get_facts: host={{ inventory_hostname }}
                  register: junos
                # retrieve facts using CONSOLE, assumes Amnesiac system
                # root login, no password
                - junos_get_facts:
                    host={{ inventory_hostname }}
                  register: junos
                # access the facts
                - name: version
                  debug: msg="{{ junos.facts.version }}"